Celina Vazquez Sky Country February 2017 Newsletter

Happy New Year Sky Country!

I did not have the chance to wish all of my Sky Country neighbors a Happy New Year! I have been

building up for a New Year and Hope all of you have had a wonderful start to the New Year of 2017,

and wish for everyone to have a record year. I plan on being there for all of my neighbors and hope

to be your preferred real estate professional of choice for this year.

February Newsletter Highlights

Neighborhood Watch

Sky Country has come together as a community to form a neighborhood watch in our community. We

had a meeting earlier this January and all came up with brilliant ideas for the neighborhood watch.

Here is some quick pointer on how to be a vigilant neighbor.


•Jurupa Valley Sheriff’s Department (Non-Emergency Number) 951-776-1099
• Get to know your neighbors
•Keep all your doors and windows locked
•Great deterrents install and alarm, security cameras, sensor lights, dogs
•Keep your outdoor lights on at night
•Retrieve your mail on a daily basis
•Write down the license number of suspicious vehicles to give to the police if is necessary only if you can do it safely, take pictures. •Do not be afraid to contact the Sheriff Department to investigate suspicious circumstances, unusual people or strange noise. It

is better to be safe than sorry.
•Park your cars or trucks in reverse to deter the theft of your tailgate

If you have any questions regarding this program contact us Via Email skycountrycommunity@gmail.com 

Networking Contractors

Are you a Contractor, plumber, electrician, pest control? ServicingThe Sky Country Jurupa Valley Area. I would love to get in ccontact with you. If so please contact me at (909) 697-0823 or email me


Yard Sale Help

As Your Sky Country Community Resource, we are offering to sponsor your yard sale.What that 

means is that we will put and put up all the signs to advertise your Yardsale for Details please Call 

(909) 697-082 Nextdoor App

Have you signed up for the Nextdoor App? Nextdoor is the best way to stay in the knowabout what’s going on in your neighborhood. Sign Up Today in the Sky

Country Community.nextdoor.com/invite/ccgwnbhacntkvvhumehj Contractor Of The Month


Certified Air Services Inc.

Heating and Air Conditioning service, installation and maintenance for residential and commercial.


Resident and Owner of our community 

A Very Special Thanks

To all our Sky Country Residents who allowed me to take photos and Videos of their beautiful homes during the holidays of our beautiful community. All of you participat- ed in something great for our communtiy. In showing how much holiday spirit we all have. Thank You 

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I do appreciate any ideas and concerns about my newsletter that I distribute out to all of my neighbors

Be sure to Call or Visit my website: www.celinavazquezrealtor.com




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