Jurupa Valley Homes For Sale Sky Country Horse Properties

Jurupa Valley Homes For Sale Sky Country Horse Properties

Jurupa Valley Homes For Sale Sky Country Horse Properties

Sky Country is a small neighborhood located in the semi-urban community that is Mira

Loma. It became part of the city of Jurupa Valley when it was voted to be incorporated into the

city in 2011. Since it is part of Jurupa Valley, it rests between Eastvale and Riverside County, and

it is bordered by Norco in the south, and Ontario is to the north. Portions of the Santa Ana River

loop through the southern area of Mira Loma. The outskirts of Sky Country have some

agricultural activities, as well as various commercial activities.

Sky Country is particularly known for having large lot homes. The amount of property
tends to range from 1,000 square feet of land up to about 3,000 square feet. The houses vary
from having multiple floors to being one storied, but they all have very spacious backyards. This
is due to the fact that all homes in Sky Country are horse property. A neighborhood of horse
property would not be complete without the addition of horse trails, which Sky Country
provides, and they make the area very suitable for taking horses out for a ride. These trails are
all over the neighborhood, since they replace sidewalks. There is even an equestrian park for
horses in the middle of Sky Country. Laramore Park is complete with an arena for horse owners
to use, and plenty of open space. In addition to the park, attractions for horse owners lie just
outside Sky Country at the Santa Ana River Trail, where many people go to ride their horses,
have a picnic, or just to enjoy a splash in the water. The neighborhood is very supportive to the
needs of horses and their owners as seen by these features, but it is not exclusively a horse-
owning neighborhood. Many current residents don’t own any horses or animals, but simply
enjoy the large amounts of space and the neighborhood itself.
Not just suitable for horse owners, Sky Country is also a wonderful place to raise a
family, with and assortment of schools and parks. Sky Country Elementary School is located
right in the heart of the neighborhood. The school opened in 1894 and is part of the Jurupa
Unified School District. It is a K-6 th grade school that was honored as a California Distinguished
School in 2010 with an 831 API, and the school has integrated the GATE Program (Gifted and
Talented Education). Mira Loma Middle School, the local intermediate school, does lie a bit
outside the neighborhood, but it is still very close. Jurupa Valley High School is just outside of
Sky Country. The public high school offers various sports and activities. It was founded in 1989
as part of the Jurupa Unified School District. Apart from the schools, Sky Country has a family
friendly atmosphere due to several small parks throughout the neighborhood. This includes the
previously mentioned Laramore Park, which aside from being a park for horses includes an area
for families complete with a playground for children. Another is Wineville Park, which is the
smallest of the three but contains gathering areas, an open field, and a playground. The newest
and most modern of the parks is Vernola Family Park, which is shaped specifically to
accommodate a baseball field apart from other fields, and a running/walking trail that loops
around the park. Other features include an extensive playground, large canopies for gatherings,
and open fields for public use.
Apart from this, Sky Country hosts community activities. The most popular of these is
Sky Country’s yearly yard sale day, usually hosted the Saturday of the third week of May. It is an
informal event where anyone who wants to can set up their yard sales, some people even sell
food, and customers go around the neighborhood to the different yard sales. Another special
event in Sky Country is the annual Christmas parade in December. It is organized and run by the
city, with the help of policemen and firemen. They escort the parade floats around Sky Country,
spreading around the holiday cheer that embraces the season. Jurupa Valley also has an annual
#Food Fest and Auction, and even though it is out of the neighborhood, it is just up Limonite at a
nearby shopping center, the Jurupa Spectrum. It is a charity event that allows participants to
sample food from local restaurants, and provides live entertainment as well as raffles.
Outstandingly, Mira Loma even has its own historical landmark. The Galleano Winery is
a family founded and owned winery that is small, but produces a variety of wines. They offer
wine tasting in their Tasting Room for inexpensive rates, and have lovely picnic grounds for
their visitors. The history of the attraction goes way back to the year 1927, to when the land
was purchased by Italian immigrant Domenico Galleano. The winery began production in 1933,
and the legacy has been allowed to continue through today because of the birth of Donald
Domenic Galleano in 1952. The winery is still recognized around the region for its fine
assortment of wines. The history of Mira Loma actually goes back to hundreds of years ago, to
when it was inhabited by the Native Americans of the Gabrielino and Serrano Tribes. The area
also had a small part during the time of Mexican rule over California, when the Mexican
government gave a land grant to Señor Don Juan Bandini in 1838. His 7 leagues of land (31,000
acres) became known as Rancho Jurupa, which includes the areas of today’s Jurupa Valley.
After the annexation of California into the U.S. in 1846, the land went through a series of
purchases including Louis Rubidoux.


Just across the street from the western side of Sky Country, there are a series of new
homes being built into their own complex. The new community of Harvest Villages, from Lennar
homes, offers single-family homes with built in amenities. These include solar panels, kitchens
with granite countertops, and even the Everything’s Included package. The community is tuning
out to be very modern and family-orientated. Therefore, they have potential to increase the
value of Sky Country homes. There is also another group of houses being built just to the north
of Sky Country, made by William Lyon homes. The Crossing at Turnleaf is already established,
and the Coventry at Turnleaf, directly above Sky Country, has recently begun construction.
These benefit Sky Country because some of the new construction includes the extension of
horse trails, and improvements in the roads.
Sky Country can be described as being a perfect balance between modernizations and
being traditional. Due to the new houses, and specifically the construction of the several
neighborhoods in Eastvale, there are two enormous shopping centers just across the 15
freeway from Sky Country. The centers have stores that provide necessities to the
neighborhood, such as Target, Home Depot, Vons, cell phone stores, and gas stations. The
shopping center also provides department-like stores that one might find in a mall, like TJ Maxx,
Home Goods, Tilly’sSport Chalet, Famous Footwear, and even beauty stores like Ulta. The
shopping center is also very popular because it provides entertainment. Edwards Eastvale
Gateway Stadium 14 is located in the center, providing a variety of new movies in large
theaters. Just outside the theatre lies a courtyard, where people like to relax, and enjoy a
dessert of frozen yogurt or from the Nestle Tollhouse. The shopping center would definitely not
be complete without a variation of restaurants, with many to choose for every occasion and
everyone’s different tastes and interests. The Food Court section part of the center has
common and delicious foods like the Habit for burgers, and Dickey’s for barbeque. There are
also more formal restaurants such as Johnny Carino’s and Applebee’s. There is even a more
offbeat collection of restaurants in the corner of the shopping center: Zip Fusion Sushi, Thai
Bamboo Café, and Pho Viet. These varieties of Asian cuisines demonstrate some of the cultural
diversity in the area, and give people the opportunity to experiment and try something new.
But Mira Loma even has its own sets of restaurants and stores on the east side of the 15
freeway. It has small restaurants like Steer n Stein, and has a few authentic Mexican shops that
are popular for the meat and chicken that they sell. Nearby there are also establishments such
Over the past years, Mira Loma has become an ideal place to live. With expansion and
progress in Southern California moving South and coming our way, that can only mean
improvements and development for Sky Country and Jurupa Valley. But even the way that the
area is, it is a reasonable distance from both Los Angeles and San Diego, but it provides and
escape from the metropolitan life, by maintaining a balance between urban and rural. If
contemplating on moving into the Sky Country community, it is important to consider the
assets for horse owners, schools, entertainment, the community itself, and development. And
while development is spreading towards the area, Sky Country will maintain its spirit that is
central to the community.
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